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Heather Waxman - Spiritual Life CoachHeather Waxman is a beloved spiritual mentor to women all over the world

offering new thinking on how to implement spirituality into everyday life. She is an Amazon best-selling author, spiritual life coach, and meditation guide + musician.

Through her deeply healing meditations, powerful vlogs, and strong presence on social media, Heather helps women develop a strong spiritual practice – a strong spiritual foundation – so they can create a life of personal freedom. She dives deep with her community  to help them uncover and release emotional and behavioral patterns that are holding them back from living a life aligned with their morals and values.

Heather’s blog was nominated for Best Healthy Living Blog for Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati Awards. She was also a featured meditation expert for Tone It Up’s wildly successful Love Your Body series and is a monthly columnist for Over the Moon magazine. For more featured press, click here.

About Heather

“Your whole life, you’ve been starving yourself to feed others.”


I didn’t even know this astrologer. I hadn’t even cozied up in my chair yet, and she’d already nailed what I’d been trying to figure out for the past seven years. I had been starving myself literally and spiritually, and it was time to learn how to feed myself again.

Gulp. But, how?


While most kids were out having fun on the playground at recess, I was the one secretly glancing at the unpopular kid being pelted with the dodgeball. I always zeroed in on the person that needed help the most. I just felt for them. I felt for them so deeply. I never understood what this was or what this meant. I think, on a subconscious level, I knew that I was very sensitive and intuitive, but a.) I didn’t consciously know it and b.) Like many people, I grew up believing that sensitivity was a source of weakness.

Because I didn’t know how to manage my feelings, I numbed them. My numb-er of choice? Food and exercise. I spent most of my teens and early twenties numbing out. To start, I went on the Special K diet (remember that?), became a cardio junkie, and obsessed over every last bit of food that went into my mouth.

My motto? “The more calories I burn, the better.” I then went on to earn a B.S. in Nutrition and a Journalism minor from Framingham State University. Fresh out of college, I scored a job as a nutrition counselor for a major weight loss clinic. Can you see the insanity brewing here? I thought that helping others heal would heal me.

Newsflash: That doesn’t work. I only became more obsessive about food and more destructive towards my body. Anorexia nervosa morphed into a nasty cycle of binging and purging-through-exercise. I would overeat at night and try to “make up” for all the calories I ate the night before with a hardcore workout the next morning. This continued for years until I reached my breaking point – my moment of spiritual surrender.
Heather Waxman2009: A lost and lonely college girl. I had lost my menstrual cycle, my hair was brittle hair and rapidly falling out, I had a dangerous BMI of 16.0. My legs were nearly the same size as my arms.
Present: A happy and whole woman. I now have a consistent menstrual cycle, a full head of hair, and have absolutely no clue what my weight is (and couldn’t care less).

My wake-up call? My parents’ divorce. I was still living at home with my parents and was dealing with the tragic and deeply challenging issue of having an alcoholic parent. My family was falling apart, I hated my job, and I felt so disconnected from myself. Throw in a lingering eating disorder, and you get the picture. I was a mess.

But with every breakdown comes a breakthrough.

And I had mine. One night, I hit my knees (literally), sobbed hysterically, and cried out to the Universe for help. And the next day, I was guided to a new way of life. One in which I learned, as Mastin Kipp says, that life happens for me and not to me.

I dove head-first into spirituality and became, well, obsessed. Self-help books became my bibles and meditation became my medicine. My spiritual journey had truly begun, and there was no turning back for me. I was so eager and hungry for a new and true way of being. I was sick of striving and I was ready to start thriving.

As I dove further into this journey of self-discovery, what I came upon was this: The further I traveled down my spiritual path, the more sensitive I became. I didn’t know how to manage being so motivated and willing to change, yet so overwhelmed by everything I was feeling. Sometimes, the anxiety felt almost unbearable. I looked far and wide, but I just couldn’t find anyone as a power of example who could help me feel less alone and less crazy for being so sensitive.

The magic sauce? Using spiritual tools to help you learn to manage your feelings in a healthy way.

When you don’t have spiritual tools at your fingertips, you feel like you’re drowning in your feelings instead of feeling them. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there and done that. And, to be honest, I didn’t have a lot of help. I couldn’t hire a coach, so I used A Course in Miracles, teachings from my mentors, and tools that I personally created to help me learn how to feel my feelings. And from the work that I did on myself, I fine-tuned my intuitive gifts.

I am an empath, so I can feel what other people are feeling and use that as insight to help them heal. When you can learn to master your intuitive gifts (yes, you have them), you can use them to help other people. And that’s exactly what I did. I began coaching my friend for free. In three months, I helped her get off her anti-depressants. At that point, I knew I had found my calling.

I believe with all my heart that learning to master your feelings is the number one way for you to feel joyful, peaceful, confident, and free in your life! It also opens up the gateway for you to discover your life purpose. I know it because I experienced it and have helped countless women all over the world do it too. (You can learn more about that here.)

I learned how to stand in my power as a highly-sensitive, highly-motivated soul sister. And that’s you too, right? I mean, that’s why you landed here. You want to see it modeled for you that you can be strong, sensitive, and successful. Well, sweet soul, it is. And if you stick with me for this ride, then I promise that you will learn to feel that way too. It is my mission to help you feel calm in your mind, confident in your body, and connected to your spirit.

If you have a pulsing desire to connect with your intuition, master your fears, ditch your BODYshame, and own your sensitivity, then you are in the right place.

I would love to keep in touch with you so don’t forget to pick up your free meditation guide (it’s perfect to help you create a consistent meditation practice) and come hang out with me in newsletter land.

Welcome home, sister.


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