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Are you chasing the “high” of happiness?


Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed by your emotions?

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in your feelings?

Do you obsess over why you feel the way you feel and let it ruin your day, and then beat yourself up for not being “spiritual” enough to make your feelings go away?

I’ve got you, girl.

Many of us choose to commit to a spiritual path with high hopes that adopting a spiritual practice of some kind will help you heal your addictions. And, of course, as you know it totally does and totally can.

But when you are in the space in which you answer “yes” to the three questions above, you feel like your spiritual practice isn’t working. And you’re right. It isn’t. But why?

When you are addicted, whether it is to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, exercise, etc., what are you chasing?

You’re chasing a high.

What you don’t realize, as you approach this new way of being that you want to adopt and feel how it can help you shift your addictions and emotional/behavioral patterns, is that you’re still (at least partially) in the addictive behavioral pattern of chasing a high. You see this world of spirituality before you. You watch the vlogs, listen to the podcasts, read the books, take the courses, and attend the seminars. And you think that you’re healing. But something feels off. You find yourself still addicted and chasing a high. Your old addictions may no longer be your high of choice. That’s because happiness has become its replacement.

I know this so well because this was me. I was chasing the high of happiness and “positive thinking.” I didn’t realize it at the time but obviously that didn’t develop into a path of spiritual growth. It simply manifested as it was: A switch in addictions. I wasn’t addicted to food anymore, but I was certainly addicted to being happy, positive, and enlightened all the time.

Ew. 😉

This is one the sneakiest addictions: Obsession over why you feel a certain way.

We live in an ocean of emotions. When we only want to surf the high ones, we are chasing the high of happiness. And, eventually, we will crash and fall. Hard. All we actually  want is to feel good. But feeling good doesn’t come from chasing happiness. Feeling good comes from you riding the waves of your emotions instead of letting yourself drown in them, and trusting your personal truth.


So, what’s a soul sister to do? Let’s practice. (Repeat: Let’s PRACTICE!) There is a reason why we call it spiritual practice. Be gentle and patient with yourself and practice these steps:

1.) Accept + acknowledge when you’re “going there.”

You know what I mean. When you’re in a dark room, all you need to do is turn on the light. When you’re in this spiritually immature frame-of mind, all you need to do is turn on the honesty.

2.) Practice flowing with the feeling.

The word emotion has the word “motion” in it for a reason. We need to let the emotions move through us. We must ride them instead of letting them ride us. It requires flow. And that flow will come when we simply accept and acknowledge where we are.

3.) Make sure that your energy field is strong.

When your energy field is strong, it is so much easier to flow with your feelings. Plain and simple. Just like you need to tone up your physical muscles to keep them nice and strong, you also need to tone up your energetic muscles. When your energetic muscles are strong and toned, you can allow yourself to flow with your feelings much more easily.

How do you do that? Meditate! But get this: you gotta meditate consistently. Remember: We gotta keep those energetic muscles tight and toned! One of my clients’ favorites (and mine too) is the self-confidence meditation, which you can get here.  It’s time to sharpen your connection to your intuition and inner power and give yourself a strong and sturdy foundation of personal freedom from which to live your life!

All my love,


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