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A Bittersweet Symphony :: NEW mantra meditation out now!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in New York City and my heart is simultaneously overflowing with joy and spilling over with sadness. Spirit often speaks to me through song. I began to hear The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” playing in my left ear and a rush of peace washed over me. A musical validation for… Continue Reading

The Best Essential Oils to Cleanse the Energy of Your Space

Did you know that you can use essential oils to energetically cleanse + protect your space? I have replaced sage + palo santo with diffusing essential oils for the past 13+ months and I’m so freaking in love with it. It’s cheaper, way less musty and smoky, and not only are you energetically clearing +… Continue Reading

I’ve never shared this before. May it set us FREE.

  This is something I’ve never shared before. May it set us FREE. Two years ago, I started to feel that something was “off” within my romantic relationship. On the outside, things hadn’t changed at all. We were kind and loving to each other. We joked and laughed and ate breakfast together in the morning… Continue Reading

Essential Oil Support for Change and Transition

The winds of change and transition are upon us. Can you feel it? Over the past week, I have been experiencing a lot of internal death and really taking the time to go deeply inward … exploring parts of myself that have been in hiding that I’m ready to allow to come out, as well… Continue Reading

Meditation for Addiction

  This Kundalini meditation for addiction, originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, is an incredibly  powerful meditation for healing addiction. Whatever you feel you’re struggling letting go of that is not serving you – food, obsessive thoughts, cigarettes, sex, social media or phone addiction … this meditation will help you so much! Last year, we practiced… Continue Reading

Meditation for Anger (Fists of Anger Kriya)

Your physical reality is not your only reality. Before you received anything you’ve ever wanted, you imagined it. You felt it magnetizing towards you and you believed that it was yours.   At each and every moment when you held that vision and you felt what it would feel like to receive that relationship or that money… Continue Reading

Meditation for Clearing Blocks + Blessing the Earth

This Kundalini meditation will help you in clearing blocks and deep fear lodged in the subconscious. We all hold deeply rooted traumas that need some TLC. This meditation will do just that for you, and gives you the gift of feeling how it feels to transmit your own healing energy on the earth. It’s an… Continue Reading