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6 Steps to Save Yourself from Self-Sabotage

  How do we open our hearts when heartbreak hits, when we totally BOMB that thing we were so excited to do, and when life whacks over the head with totally unexpected twist to the plot of our lives? How do we open our hearts despite the pain, the anxiety, the pressure, and the crazy… Continue Reading

Goodbye (for now)

  Hi beautiful, Last week's vlog was all about change. And this week, that change has manifested itself. Starting next week, I'll be saying goodbye to weekly YouTube vlogs. I've been feeling this for about a month. Business is growing, opportunities are pouring in, and things are getting better and better. And sometimes, with this… Continue Reading

The Truth About Change

  Change. The word is enough to bring some of us to our knees. It's brutal. It's beautiful. It's messy. It's sacred. It's all these things. And change also just-so-happens to be the only constant in our lives. But most of us spend more time resisting change than we do embracing it. We spend more… Continue Reading

How to Have More Energy (Amazing Spinal Series!)

  I am so excited to share this INCREDIBLE, simple practice with you. It's one of my daily go-to's when I feel my energy dipping and you can basically do it anytime, anywhere. What I love the most about this short series of Kundalini spinal exercises is that it reminds me of how powerful I… Continue Reading

(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay

  This one is a cover of a cover. I'm covering Sara Bareilles, who covered Otis Redding. The cover train continues. Choo choo! Enjoy. All my love, Heather… Continue Reading

How to Attract More Prosperity Into Your Life

  Anything is possible. ANYTHING. IS. POSSIBLE. Anything is possible. Breathe that in. This is the foundation of prosperity, and this is exactly what we're talking about today: what prosperity is and how to attract more prosperity into your life! Prosperity is about widening your lens. Instead of looking through a teeny tiny peep hole… Continue Reading

Meditation for Healing Addictions

Point blank: This. Meditation. Works. Miracles. I am obsessed with Kundalini yoga + meditation because it pairs our love for the woo woo with real, scientific proof. And this meditation is no exception. It works directly on your central brain and stimulates an area beneath the stem of the pineal gland that, when imbalanced, causes… Continue Reading