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To get your body in shape…

…you have to get your thinking about your body in shape.

BODYpeace with Kasey Arena and Heather Waxman

  • You’re stuck in a body shame spiral and you don’t know how to get out.
  • You (still) obsessively count calories.
  • You pick yourself apart every time you look in the mirror.
  • You feel guilty whenever you eat a food that is “off limits.”
  • You (still) secretly wish you could lose those extra five pounds.

What if the key to unlocking body freedom wasn’t losing physical weight, but losing emotional weight?
What if
it wasn’t your body that needed to change, but instead your thoughts about your body?
And what if there was a carefully crafted 30-day guidebook to help you do just that?

Heather & Kasey - BODYpeace

We’ve been there too. That’s why we created BODYpeace –

To help women just like you end the inner war – that never ending battle of “My body sucks because…” Both of us struggled with eating disorders and BODYshame for years, and both of us have learned how to move past them. Now, we feel BODYpeace. That is our life now, and we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

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You see, we saw so many diet books out there, but none ever targeted our soul sisters who were struggling with food and body issues in a way that made sense. We can’t talk about food without talking about the body. And we can’t talk about the body without talking about food. And we can’t talk about either of those things without first addressing the inner critic bouncing around in your brain. We need to listen and learn from it instead of stuffing it down. That, my friend, is the magic lurking within your food and body obsessions.

Magic, we say? YES! Trust us. Just keep reading…


Heather Waxman and Kasey Arena
What can you expect from BODYpeace?


For the first 15 days, you’ll be guided by Heather through BODYtruths: soul-nourishing exercises that will help you transform your perception of your body and food. Using transformational meditations, powerful journaling exercises, and soulful practices from A Course in Miracles, you will be armed with a host of tools to help you bust through your BODYshame fears and (FINALLY!) learn to love your body.


For the last 15 days, you’ll put those soul-nourishing exercises into practice with Kasey, as she guides you through BODYfuel: nutrient-packed recipes created to help you conquer your food fears. That fat that you think will make you fat? Yep, you’re going to enjoy it! Those carbs you think you can’t eat after 7:00 p.m. because you’re afraid of gaining weight? Kasey’s going to put you up to it!

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BODYpeace is unlike anything out there. It’s in a league of its own.

We couldn’t believe how quickly it was crafted (in just three months). It was clear to us that our tribes needed it and they needed it now, and that was reflected in its culmination from start to finish. So, here it is. Now. Ready for you to embrace.

BODYpeace has a very special energy that is all its own. Opening the book gives you a very clear feeling of, “I’m home. I’m safe here.” It calls to you in a deep way and it heals you in a deep way.

Are you ready to kick your BODYshame to the curb for good?

Join us!

Take your BODYpeace journey today!


BODYpeace Book

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