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I’ve never shared this before. May it set us FREE.


This is something I’ve never shared before. May it set us FREE.

Two years ago, I started to feel that something was “off” within my romantic relationship. On the outside, things hadn’t changed at all. We were kind and loving to each other. We joked and laughed and ate breakfast together in the morning. And yet…something was *burning* inside of me.

I started to witness my former anorexic habits and patterns, as well as my former binge-eating habits, coming up. Having been knee-deep in recovery for several years and shown up for that work, I knew what these symptoms meant: there was a deeper truth within me begging to be heard.

Yesterday, I shared that truth on Facebook live. The video is still up (watch it here) and I’d love to share it with you. Because I know we will see each other in it.

With every fiber of my being, I pray it inspires you to know you can come home to your truth. Love is love. May we all courageously give ourselves permission to love who we want to love. And may we respect and honor how we all choose to label or not label it. I love you.

In traditional terms, one might call this coming out to others. But, truthfully, I feel it to be a complete experience of coming home to myself. And that is, truthfully, the ultimate intention of every. single. offering. I share with you.


P.S. – There is a track on my upcoming sophomore album Sacred Disruptor called “Love is Love,” which you can sample exclusively here (!!!). When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I see my Higher Self whispering into the ear of my Younger Self, re-assuring me that it’s safe to be exactly who I am. And, if you need it, I hope you can feel me doing the same for you.

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