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Essential Oil Support for Change and Transition

The winds of change and transition are upon us. Can you feel it?

Over the past week, I have been experiencing a lot of internal death and really taking the time to go deeply inward … exploring parts of myself that have been in hiding that I’m ready to allow to come out, as well as getting deeply honest with myself about what needs to die within and around me.

The path of the spiritual warrior can be challenging, but we can do hard things.

I’m in the third trimester. It’s just over a month until my second album Sacred Disruptor is birthed into the world and team Fierce Feminine Leadership (that’s our doTERRA team name) is going for some big goals for the month of April.

Before we birth anything, we must prepare and we must contemplate + reflect, so we can create space for what needs to come forth. And – let me tell you, friend – what has been releasing from me has not been pretty. She has been coming out in big roars, deep cries, and 8-page-long journaling sessions on the beach.

What does this have to do with our precious oils? In a word, EVERYTHING.

The often overlooked and equally important aspect of these sacred gifts of the earth we are so blessed to have in our lives (seriously – how incredibly privileged are we? I’m getting chills as I write this) is how incredibly supportive they are for emotional challenges you might be experiencing.

Today, I’d love to share with you the three oils and one blend I’ve been leaning on this past week to support me through this immense change and transition I’ve been navigating. They have been my go-to diffuser buddies and I’ve slathered them all over me before my daily journaling practice. I hope they can serve you as much as they’ve been serving me.

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Our beloved Frankie. Emotionally, Frankincense helps us get to the heart of the truth, supporting us in cutting past any deception or white lies we may be telling ourselves so we can boldly and bravely tell the truth to ourselves and to others. The result? Vitality. Clarity. Creative expression. FREEDOM.

According to Emotions + Essential Oils, Rosemary is the oil of transition. I picked this beauty up and haven’t stopped using it daily since I sensed a big change coming forward. Rosemary helps to smooth out any fears, resistance, or apprehension we’re feeling to change and transition. She also gives us mental clarity and helps us to be open to new experiences. A powerful one.

Side note: I also use Rosemary to support thick, strong hair + hair growth and it works wonders!

This oil is a staple for me. I use Lemongrass to support me in purifying any stuck or stagnant energy, and to purify any old, outdated, or negative belief systems or patterns I might be holding onto out of subconscious habit or fear. She gives me the courage to blaze forward and purify my life.

Serenity (Restful blend)
As this internal death happens, it is manifesting itself as intense energy (modern term: anxiety) in my stomach. When I feel intense energy in my stomach, I know old emotions are coming up to be healed and released. I’m using Serenity for support in calming the intense energy so that I can get to the heart of the matter with more ease and face what I need to face head-on.

Too often, we hold our true emotions and feelings inside. Stuck emotions = stuck energy = stuck life. I hope you know you’re not alone and that you are stronger than you can possibly imagine, and that you’re not crazy. You’re just human. And being human, while beautiful, is fucking hard sometimes.

All love,
P.S. – Supporting you to bring these gifts of the earth into your life is one of the greatest gifts I can offer to you. Truly. If you’re interested in learning more about the oils and bringing them into your life, click here to book a 1:1 session.
Please Note: This is not a free coaching call or a “pick my brain” call. This is a call specifically for those who are feeling the oils calling to them. For private coaching inquiries, please click here.

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  • Beautiful words! I use the phrase “you’re not alone” many times in my work with lonely people. I love that you added “you’re not crazy”! You are so correct about emotions being stored in our stomachs. Thanks for sharing the oils you are using now.

  • Shannon May 22, 2017

    Hi Heather, I would love to join fierce feminine leadership. Would you please email me if you are looking for new members.