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How to Have More Energy (Amazing Spinal Series!)


I am so excited to share this INCREDIBLE, simple practice with you.

It’s one of my daily go-to’s when I feel my energy dipping and you can basically do it anytime, anywhere.

What I love the most about this short series of Kundalini spinal exercises is that it reminds me of how powerful I am. It reminds me of my potential to change my energy, my mood, and my brain chemistry in just matter of minutes. My intention in sharing this practice with you today is that it empowers you to realize that exact same thing (along with any other nuggets your intuitive wisdom has to share!).

If you’re feeling anxiety, depression, fatigue, or that afternoon energy dip, do this series and drink a glass of cold lemon water and it will change everything! You will be happier, more clear + focused, and it will increase your creative, vital energy. Spinal flex stimulates and stretches the lower spine, spinal twise on heels energizes the mid-spine and heart chakra, and sidel twist opens up the upper spine and the heart chakra.

I can’t wait to read your experience with it in the comments below.

All my love,

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  • Laura Ramos May 27, 2016

    You are very talented not only in sharing your light but also musically speaking. Thank you for bringing your bright contributions to the Universe.
    Blessing always,

  • Bariatric Eating February 12, 2017

    For some of people, the best way to have energy is to drink or eat healthy kinds of food. That’s one thing of course, but there are lot of things to consider also like exercise and having enough kind of sleep add to it also.