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Meditation for Anger (Fists of Anger Kriya)

Your physical reality is not your only reality.
Before you received anything you’ve ever wanted, you imagined it. You felt it magnetizing towards you and you believed that it was yours.
At each and every moment when you held that vision and you felt what it would feel like to receive that relationship or that money or that job or that creative opportunity or that experience, you attracted that very thing into your magnetic field. It was already here.
No, it was not YET in your physical reality. But it was in your energetic reality. And this is no less or more special. It’s just part of the process of manifestation.
This is simply part of the energetic anatomy of prosperity.
We have a non-physical structure from earlobe to earlobe called an arc line and we have a non-physical circle that surrounds us (some call it the 8th chakra) called an aura.
You arcline and your aura, when cleansed daily, become more radiant and you easily and effortlessly attract more prosperity. Just like your physical body, your auric body can get dirty too. And cleaning it will bring you more clarity, more radiance, more into your truth, and infinitely more “attractive” from an energetic perspective to receive incredible prosperity.
When we cleanse these in conjunction with cleansing our negative thoughts and when we become hell-bent on constantly evolving the two and clearing them regularly, life begins to flow more. More opportunity comes. Prosperity becomes an automatic way of living. It becomes easier to think positive thoughts – and to believe that they are true.
Don’t take my word for it, though! Experiment for yourself.
This short kriya, called Fists of Anger, will help you do just that. It’s only 3 minutes. Practice it daily and see what happens!
Give it a go and then tell me how it goes!
All love,

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  • Jen February 15, 2017

    Hi Heather thank you for sharing this Kriya. I am new to kundalini and have only been practicing a few days. I am getting a headache whenever I do the different breath work like holding the breath at the end. Is this common?

    • Heather Waxman February 28, 2017

      Hi Jen! Yes babe. Totally normal. The Kundalini energy rests at the base of your spine. As you practice, it rises and an intense surge of energy can cause headaches. Try covering your head with a beanie, hat, or turban to hold the energy in place. Also, lots of water and deep breathing throughout the day will help move the energy. Check back in soon! xx