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This One Word Will Change Your Life

There is so much juice that I want to share with you! I know you’re all hungry for it and, starting this Monday, I’ll be re-capping the GLOW Retreat. I needed to take this week to collect my thoughts and receive the beauty of the weekend. I’m finally feeling it sink in and I know you’re going to drool over every word and picture. Stay tuned! (And yes – we WILL be announcing next year’s date in the coming weeks!)

This one word changed my entire life. It really did. It changed the way I lived my life and it changed the way I lead my life. I’d heard it before but it wasn’t until I started my journey with A Course in Miracles that it actually breathed new life into my being.

Sometimes that’s all we need – we need to feel new energy being breathed into something we’ve heard over and over again. And that will be an “ah ha” moment that will send us off into a place of peace. That is what I hope this vlog can do for you, babe. Soak it in. Take notes. Do what you need to.

Press play and let’s have a chat.

Over to you: What are you willing to change? I’m here to support you as a sounding board for whatever you’re willing to change, let go of, or bring into your life.

Stay lovely,

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  • Peyton August 27, 2014

    WOW, thank you so much, heather, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now

  • Joanna August 27, 2014


  • Dallas September 22, 2014

    This might be my favorite out of all your vlogs that I’ve watched and loved… I’m bookmarking this one to watch again when I need it! I also shared it on my blog because I think everyone will be inspired and enriched by your beautiful words and testimony about being willing: http://daybydaymasterpiece.com/2014/09/18/dancing-with-the-stars/

    Thank you, Heather! <3