Sugar, Shame, & Spirituality

I’ve had my share of food hang-ups. From restricting my calories to over-exercising to compulsive over-eating, I’ve been through the ringer. I spent nearly seven years caught in the throws of eating for everyone else but myself. I ate for whatever was the trend of the moment, according to the fitness magazines and blogs I read. I ate for what I thought was healthy, according to RDs and doctors. I ate according to the number of calories my body “needed” to function, according to a team of doctors that helped me recover. But none of those tactics helped me recover. After choosing to recover discover from my eating disorder, it was hard. Really hard. I’d maintained this tight sense of control around my food and, now, I was trying to teach myself to be free around food. This concept was foreign to me. Tuning into my body and eating “intuitively” didn’t make sense to me. I needed more. It was so confusing coming out of my outpatient program with a specific calorie amount to hit and transitioning into intuitive eating. I felt so lost.












So, one day, as I was sitting in meditation, my inner soul sister said to me, “Eat how you want to feel.” My whole body lit up and it suddenly made so much sense to me as to why I hadn’t made any strides. I was still trying to follow a “plan” of some sort, but I didn’t really want to the plan. I didn’t want structure. I wanted freedom. So, from that moment on, I committed to making all of my eating choices based on how free it made me feel. With every food that I ate, I asked myself, “Do I feel free eating this?” And if the answer was yes, I ate it. If the answer was no, I sat back and re-evaluated the situation. This is how I’ve made eating part of my spiritual practice. I want my food to inspire me, I want my food to support my energy, and I want to feel connected to the food I’m eating. All of this is freedom to me. It’s incredible what happens when you start to eat the way you want to feel. And what I’ve learned is this: When you are spiritually satisfied, you automatically become physically satisfied. 












 This is why I am so excited to share today’s vlog with you. Keeping with the theme of freedom, I’m chatting with my friend and healing guide Lauren Noreen. In today’s vlog, you will learn:

  • How to stop shaming yourself for eating certain foods
  • How to make eating part of your spiritual practice
  • How to LET GO of the idea of food being “good” or “bad”
  • The number one intention you can take with you to the dinner table

You are going to gain so much insight, strength, and wisdom from this chat. Join the conversation with us! We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below or on YouTube. 

Stay lovely,

Is it “Spiritual” to Watch TV?











I was having a chat with my gorgeous friend Humberto about this very discussion. About the guilt-shame complex that’s been lurking around the self-development world about watching TV. There is this implication that, if you’re “spiritual,” that you can’t watch TV. And if you are “spiritual” and do watch TV, something is wrong with you and you should be meditating, journaling, doing yoga, or drinking green juice. 

This makes me laugh a lot…because it’s contradicting the whole meaning of spirituality: freedom. YOU, my friend, are free to choose whether watching TV is aligned with your values.

People will often email me questions like, “Is it spiritual to…?” But that’s the thing about spirituality. To me, spirituality is free of dogma. The words “should,” “shouldn’t,” and “can’t” are not under the hood of spirituality. So, my response is two-fold: 

1.) How do YOU define “spirituality?”

What does it mean to you? In other words, how does spirituality make YOU feel? I resonate with a spiritual practice and a spiritual lifestyle because it makes me feel joyful, free, connected, inspired, and supported.

2.) Does what you wanna watch on TV align with that?

If what I want to watch on TV makes me feel free, connected, inspired, or supported, then I watch it. I love TV, actually. I love it a lot! I love watching Project Runway because I feel so inspired by the designs and creations. I love watching Modern Family because it brings me joy. Chilling at night with a snack, my man, and a good TV show is one of my favorite ways to wind down the day. It’s quality time that I enjoy.

3.) Are you tuning in to tune out?

Some peeps watch TV to tune out out of life. And I’m not judging you if you’re one of those people. Even I do it from time to time. In my opinion, a good numbing out is sometimes needed. But if it’s a chronic thing, then you’re probably feeling really disconnected, uninspired, and trapped in your life, and TV may provide a temporary escape from that. It might be a good idea for you to look at that and ask your inner soul sister, “What can I do to feel more connected and inspired in my life? Please show me a sign.”

So, whether it is “spiritual” or not to watch TV is simply up to you. If it’s aligned with your values, then go for it! If you can go without it, awesome. It’s your life, though. The only set of rules you should abide by are the ones that don’t feel like rules to you. Wait, what? Yep. Rules are restricting. Values are self-defined and freeing. Stick with those and screw the rest.

Stay lovely,

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