How Do I Find My Purpose – Part 1

Such a juicy topic.


What does that mean to you? Do you feel a little lost on the whole purpose thing? Then, today’s video is for you, my dear friend.

There are so many various resources out there giving you direction and guidance on how to find your purpose. But truthfully, I don’t want to tell you what your purpose is. And when someone tells you that they can or that they will, I think it’s total bullshit. Why? Because they’re robbing you of one of the most magnificent moments ever. The truth is that you do have a purpose, and it may shift a bit over time, but you do have one. It’s waiting there for you. I don’t think your purpose is something that you find. I think you already know what your purpose is; it’s just buried beneath layers of self-doubt, fear, insecurity. And that’s not coming from a place of judgment. As Maya Angelou said, “If you’da known better, you woulda done better.”

I believe that your purpose should be revealed through you…that the Universe should  - and you should be the one to uncover it…the one to wade through the muck in only to have it reveal itself to you. Because there is nothing (I repeat nothing!) better than having that “ah ha!”  moment of *this who I am here to be!*

But before we can stratch that surface, we have to get honest with oursleves and set a solid foundation. And that’s what today’s vid is all about. So, if you’re questioning your purpose, whether you have a purpose. or what the hell a purpose even is…then press play and come join me.

Make sure you come back here next week for part two! I’m going to give you some specific action steps that you can take to allow the Universe to reveal your purpose to you. More juicy-ness. Mmm. Mmm. Good.

In the comments below, fill me in. What question are you asking yourself? And how do YOU define success? I can’t wait to read your responses! 

Stay lovely,

Behind the Scenes of BODYpeace (& how to manifest your desires!)

You might have seen me and Kasey lurking around Instagram last month, dropping hints about a special BODYpeace project we have going down.

BODYpeace Kasey Arena Heather Waxman

There’s been so much happening behind the scenes and I just couldn’t hold it back from you any longer! I definitely want to keep some of it a surprise for you because it’s just more fun that way. I learned a really fabulous lesson in getting what I want from that weekend, and my hope is that it inspires you to a.) never give up on your vision and b.) to be completely detached from it. Sounds contradictory, huh? Just keep reading.

When Kasey and I started planning BODYpeace last year, we originally wanted to write it as an e-book. We wanted this 30-day guidebook to be more than just a journey. We wanted it to be an experience. We wanted every single woman who picked up this book to feel nurtured, supported, and surrounded my love and encouragement. And so we decided to forego the route of being published. We cared more about people receiving the experience they’re meant to have than becoming published authors. We also wanted complete creative control because our vision was so specific. BODYpeace isn’t just a book with text – there’s video, guided meditations, grocery lists, and journal pages. It really is an total mind-body-soul experience – and we want our sisters reading this book to feel that experience 100 percent.

We had a really lovely editor on-deck to edit the book. But my inner soul sister kept telling me it wasn’t time to send the text over to her. She kept saying, “No – not yet. Just wait.” I didn’t know why, but it didn’t really matter. When she talks, I listen.

We also had a really lovely angel investor who was willing to invest in BODYpeace and everything it had to offer. I’d chatted with her and she was excited to invest in this book because she believed in it.

Flash forward to last month. Kasey flew into Boston for the weekend so we could get some work done for the book. The day after she flew in, we headed over to Mind Body Barre (the fitness and healing studio I have the honor of teaching at) to film some special bonus videos that are going to accompany the BODYpeace book. Side note: you’re going to LOVE them!!

BODYpeace Kasey Arena Heather Waxman body image

Sweaty & high on gratitude. Thank you Mind Body Barre! We love you.

Nine hours later, we were dripping in sweat and gratitude. The second we walked out of the studio, I got a text from our angel investor telling us she was pulling out. It just wasn’t the right time for her. We’d been through the ringer with designers, editors,and investor for this e-book and we’d hit a lot of roadblocks and, on the outside, it seemed like the book wasn’t supposed to happen. “Okay, Kase,” I said. “We just have to surrender it and let it go.” She nodded her head in agreement and we let it go. We both knew things would pan out. A few seconds later, I started to get an intense ringing in my ears. Whenever this happens, I know it’s the angels trying to relay a message to me.

I sat down, closed my eyes, and covered my ears. I recognized the angel trying to connect with me was Archangel Metatron, the angel who helps people manifest what they need along their career paths. I heard him say, “Be patient. Wait a few days.” I felt a strong sense of peace and knowingness flood through my body, and Kasey felt it too. We said thank you and knew that all we had to do was keep taking guided action towards our goal, and we’d be fine. And so we did.  The next day, we headed down to the Cape and had a magical photoshoot for the book. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the photos!

how to lose weight

Lauren Carey Photography

how to get a better body

Lauren Carey Photography



how to get a better body

Lauren Carey Photography





   It was such an amazing weekend. Even though we had no clue how the book was going to come together, we felt so supported and so held by everyone who’d helped to bring BODYpeace to life that weekend. That is truly what kept us feeling so sure of this project. We kept focusing on that and just left the rest up to the Universe.

Flash forward to Wednesday. Kasey got a call from Lindsey Smith, who Kasey knows really well from being in the Pittsburgh area. Lindsey is a powerhouse author and works closely with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She’d been seeing what Kasey and I were up to and knew that we were in the process of writing a book. She asked Kasey if we were still doing it and Kasey told her everything that had happened. The three of us jumped on a call a few days later and, two weeks after that, we signed a publishing contract. That’s right – BODYpeace is going to be a published book! It’s a dream. We have the support of an amazing team at pnhMarketing who understand and believe in our vision and can help us spread this BODYpeace message as far and as wide as it needs to go.

The idea of BODYpeace being published wasn’t even on our radar. We had our sights set on an e-book, but Spirit had another plan for us. We knew that all along, but we had no idea that becoming published authors would be part of the plan.

So, why the long story? Well, I want to help you manifest your desires. Because you deserve to have that too. And really, it boils down to these three steps:

1.) Souldream

Create your vision. Souldream your vision. Know your vision inside and out. And most important, know how it serves your peeps. Let that be your driving force. See that person using what you’re offering and let it bring you to your knees. Get that image – that souldream – so clearly embedded in your mind that you have no choice but to do it.

2.) Take Action (Gently!)

Do the work. Put in the work. Show up to write (that’s 95% of getting that book written, by the way). SHOW UP FULLY. And let Spirit work through your fingers. Let the magic run through your body and just let it come through you.

3.) Surrender Your Souldream

Every single damn day. Surrender your souldream to the Spirit. Just give it away. Have your vision in your mind to motivate you to move forward, but allow Spirit to do the moving forward part for you. Let Spirit move you forward. Sit in stillness every day and check in with your inner soul sister. What does she have to say to you? Maybe you’re not supposed to email that second investor. And maybe that’s because that space is being created for Spirit to give you something new and grander than you could imagine.

What is your vision? What do you souldream about? What action can you take? And can you surrender it to Spirit, trusting that you’re held and supported? Give it a go…and watch the miracles flow.

Stay lovely,

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