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#RiseSisterRise: An Intimate Conversation with Rebecca Campbell


Have you heard the call? Chances are that you have. The call to rise – the call to rise UP into your role as a fierce, feminine, grounded woman. The call to do things differently in your life in terms of you LIVE.

You’ve done the hustle and you’re over it, because it has left you burnt out, fried to a little crisp, and lonely … starving for connection with a tribe of people to call home, starving for a deeper connecting to your innate intuitive wisdom, and starving to create a life that is foundationally built on your natural ebbs and flows.

Me too.

We are all waking up to this and learning this together, and I am so grateful that Rebecca Campbel has heard the call and created a beautiful blueprint for women waking up to adhere to … a book that will help them connect to their own innate feminine energy, creativity, ancient wisdom.


I love this woman. 

I love what she has co-created with Her (more on that in the interview).

I love how every page of her latest book #RiseSisterRise is FILLED to-the-brim with this palpable, fierce ancient wisdom.

It is a call for all of us … one that we speak about often around here. It’s a call for us to awaken the divine Feminine energy that is latent within each of us.

It’s a call for each of us to awaken to. And to answer. In our own, special, unique, only-in-the-way-that-you-can way.

I can’t wait for you to hear our interview and let it move you.

Here’s to us – a sacred, devoted sisterhood – owning our power, using our voice to its Highest capacity, and reuniting with the sacred Feminine within each of us.

I love you.

All love,

P.S. – Listen all the way through to learn how you can get your gorgeous hands on a free copy of the book yourself!

P.P.S – To learn more about #RiseSisterRIse and how you can join the online sisterhood Rebecca has created, click here.

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