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What a Good Woman Does (Joy Williams) Cover by Heather Waxman


We’re trying something new around here.

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about creativity and how important it is to you and, particularly, to your soul’s growth and evolution. I’m feeling that take place in my own life in regards to music.

I love music, and I love expressing myself through it. For those of you who love Soul Sessions, I’m finally answering your request for more music. Its taken some time for me to, honestly, just jump in without thinking. And that’s the journey. Not just of an entrepreneur but of any person who desires to be directed by God in everything they do. Sometimes, we just need to leap. No pre-planning. No agenda. It’s what I’m calling “creative go-time.”

We’re trying something new around here.

Not too long ago, I had this revelation of sorts and I think that you’ll be able to relate to it. I was putting pressure on music to “be something” for me. I was putting pressure on my art to become a career for me. I was putting pressure on my art to make me famous (I still cringe confessing this). I was putting pressure on my art to be perfectly packaged before it even made its way through me. I needed it to be 100% right (whatever that means). And because I was holding these toxic expectations, I was killing my creative impulse before it could even speak to me.

You see, we can’t tell our art what to do. That’s not how art and creativity work. Listen very closely to this: Art and creativity are expressions of God that want to emerge through you. They are so sacred. They are authentic expressions of your soul that want to be birthed through you. And so, when your ego tries to convince you to set expectations around your art and/or it tries to make you box your art into a certain..well…boxes…you feel creatively stuck.

We’re trying something new around here.

It is my intention, through these once-a-month music vlogs, that the creative energy of inspiration moves through me and touches your soul and inspires you, too, to just experiment and let your creativity flow.  As an entrepreneur, I certainly feel the encouragement and pressure from outside forces to only show the finished product or highlight reel. But that’s just not how I want this music series to be.

This vlog was done in one take. No auto tune. Only heart and soul. And this song “What a Good Woman Does” by the amazing Joy Williams is not my own (those are coming, though!), but it is one that moves me to my core and I hope it can do the same for you.

Here’s to trying something new. To unboxing yourself. To letting your art move freely through you.

All my love,

P.S. – Tell me below what you think of this new music series. I’d love to hear what you received from it. 🙂

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  • Meg July 22, 2015

    That made me so calm and fully be in this moment. Beautiful. I felt your passion and love in every word and simply just enjoyed it. Your voice is something *perfection*! Chuckled out loud too at your blooper 🙂

    • Heather Waxman July 22, 2015

      I’m so glad you loved it, Meg. Bloopers are the best, aren’t they?!

  • Genevieve July 22, 2015

    So beautiful Heather! Thank you for sharing more of your voice! I loved it! Your voice feels like a balm on the soul. Sooooo good. 🙂

    • Heather Waxman July 22, 2015

      What an amazing compliment / description, Genevieve. Thank you so much! And thank you for continuing to come around here. xoxo

  • Sasha D July 22, 2015

    What a great message Heather! I just shared this with my all male creative/design team (we’re a digital marketing company) – and they couldn’t agree more. I even got an ‘Amen!’ –

    Thanks for putting a new perspective on their every day reality – especially for us ‘not very creatives’ – haha!

  • Maurice "Moe" Methot July 22, 2015

    Hi Heather! This is Maurice Methot (aka “moe”) – we met in front of CVS on Hope St. this morning – I was the guy playing guitar! It was really nice to chat with you and a pleasant synchronicity that your work as a life coach / spiritual nutritionist / musician / healer and my own current practice of “music as verb” (musicking!) share so much in common. It’s great to meet young people who are able to find new paths that are based on passionate belief and not merely on tired notions of “success” or validated only by the standard set of credentials and practice. I’ve heard this kind of work described as an approach based on “evidence based research” which is a fancy way to say “if it works… it works!” Anyway I thought I’d send you a message so you would have my email, and as I mentioned this morning, I have various projects in different locations online, but among my musical projects is a collection of pieces for solo piano – original compositions – that seem to generate a meditative state in many people who have heard them – they sound a bit like falling waiter I think! So I posted a link to a website that has two examples you can listen to and/or download. The project is called “Vingt Chansons pour Jean Cocteau” (“Twenty Songs for Jean Cocteau”) in honor of the visionary French poet / filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Check them out – I’ve produced two editions of these pieces now – they were picked up for distribution some years ago and got some very positive reviews in some fancy classical music journals – but their real value is the fact that my friends seem to like them! Nice to meet you, be well, see you sometime soon on Hope St.!

    • Misty February 25, 2017

        4 août 2011Un reportage de Jeff sur TV5 serait un vrai souffle d’authenticite qui changerait agreablement des eternelles re38#fusions&fi2d0;Je retourne aux aventures de l’inspecteur Prik, j’ai rate le dernier chapitre !!!Bravo et merci Jeff