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Each of the resources below contains life changing tools that will help you feel calm in your mind, confident in your body, and connected to your spirit. It is an honor to serve you in this way.

Dig deeper fly higher e-Course

Dig Deeper Fly Higher

Dig Deeper, Fly Higher is an 8-week online course designed to help you master your fears, create a deep connection with your intuition, and develop true self-confidence.

This course will walk you through the five most common ways that fear shows up in your life and it will give you spiritual and practical tools to bust through those fears and become a master of them.

Master your fears here!

Private Coaching with Heather Waxman

1:1 Coaching

This is one of the most powerful tools ever. In our sessions together, I will help you transform specific emotional and behavioral patterns that are blocking you from letting your true self SHINE.  The part of you that wants to heal is all that I see.

If you are ready to finally shed those pesky emotional + behavioral patterns with spiritual practice, need the accountability, and thrive in a one-on-one environment, then 1:1 coaching might just be the thing for you.

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BODYpeace book


BODYpeace is a 30-day guidebook, co-written by myself and Kasey Arena, that will help you shed shame and guilt and find lasting peace with your body.

Through personal stories, guided meditations, and transformational exercises, you will learn how to finally love who you see in the mirror, ditch your food rules and restrictions, create a meditation practice that will shake you awake to the purpose of your body, and much more!

Take your BODYpeace journey today!

Live events with Heather Waxman


There is nothing like being among a group of like-minded people. Especially like-minded people who meditate together! The experience is truly life-changing. Here’s a running list of events where you can come hang out with me live!

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