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I don’t know your story;
but I
want to.

There are hidden gems within your story, and in them lies the sweet spot of your healing. I don’t know what false messaging you received in the past – but I want to know. Because we can nurture it, learn from it, and heal it. I don’t know exactly what intuitive gifts you have – but I know they are there and I can help you let them emerge.


But first, you need to dive in. You need to do “the work” that you know you need to do so you can be the woman that you know you’re meant to be.

Better yet, so you can be the woman that you ARE. And what I mean by that is this:

  • We don’t fix our problems – we learn the lessons they’re here to teach us
  • We don’t shame people into change – we empower those who want change to create it in their lives
  • We don’t allow our circumstances to make us the victim – we liberate ourselves from our circumstances

Client praise

“I feel like a completely different person…”

“Through daily commitment, I was able to get what I was looking for and so much more! Heather helped me clear areas of my life that I didn’t even realize were blocked. I feel like a completely different person than when I first started working with her. I feel so much happier and finally free! Heather has such a gift and her infectious joy and passion for what she does shines through in all of your sessions with her. I love Heather so much and can’t wait to work with her again.” – Ambar

My role is simple: I help you unpack what you perceive to be blocking you and help you rise from it. I hold your hand as we journey into the dark cave of false messaging and move towards the light of your soul’s unique desires.

You need to visit the dark so you can transcend into the light. And the light is what you’re here for. It’s time for a soul upgrade, sister. It’s TIME.

I happen to know you very well, because you are where I used to be:

  • Consumed by an overwhelming sense of anxiety
  • Using external things (food, social media, relationships) to numb yourself from said anxiety
  • Feeling awkward and out of place, especially in larger groups + crowds
  • Feeling so different and as if no one understands you
  • Plagued by perfectionism (fancy word for procrastination)
  • Fearful of your sexuality and fearful of receiving pleasure from life
  • Self-sabotaging the good things in your life, because of a deep-seated false belief that you’re not worthy of them

Does this resonate with you? I know it can feel overwhelming, but soul upgrades are not about giant leaps. They’re about baby steps. Every baby step is a victory. And your victory – your soul upgrade – is waiting for you.


“Working with her has changed my outlook on life completely”

“I was guided to Heather when I hit rock bottom with bulimia. Working with her has changed my outlook on life completely. Today, I am much closer to my authentic self than I was before I started coaching with Heather. I can hear my inner soul sister’s gentle guidance whenever I take the time to listen, I can feel the love and beauty and peace in me when I chose to look within. I am more confident and brave than I’ve ever been before; I am able to speak my truth, able to show vulnerability, able to honour my feelings, able to love myself, even though it can still be scary. But most importantly, I am more patient, more trusting, and more happy. Working with Heather has taught me that spirituality is a practice and a journey; it’s okay to fall down, because I rise stronger every time.” – Solvai

 1:1 Coaching is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix. It’s the small steps that lead to lasting, mind-blowing transformational change.
  • You’re a chronic procrastinator, you’re lazy, and you don’t want to put in the good ol’ elbow grease.
  • You’re not at all excited about starting this journey. Fear is normal (and a great sign, actually), but if you’re not excited about it, then this ain’t for you.

“Through some tough soul sister smack downs and powerful guidance, I have found a truer understanding and acceptance of and myself.”

“I had tried to work through many blocks in the past and would get to a certain point, freak out, and find resistance. I actually nearly did that in our coaching but something had me coming back for more. You have to commit to yourself, work through the uncomfortable, and really own who you are.

Through some tough soul sister smack downs and powerful guidance, I have found a truer understanding and acceptance of [my body] and myself. Every time we chatted, it was like catching up with wonderful friend. I now know what it feels like to live in the light, eat in the light, and be the light. Gratitude and so much love to you.” – Ruth

Client testimonial for Heather Waxman“Working with Heather for only 6 weeks did more for my health and well-being than 2 years of multiple therapists and countless books.”

“Since working with Heather, I have not had one anxiety attack and have a strong handle on binge eating – something I struggled with since a child! I am so thankful that I decided to work with Heather. My life has improved dramatically.” – Kathleen

What you get

Before anything goes down, you’ll register for your discovery call. The purpose of this call is to give you a safe and supportive space for you to communicate your personal goals,  to ease any fears or apprehensions you have about moving forward, to clear the noise on where to start, and to create a personalized vision statement for you that is aligned with your personal goals and your soul’s mission.

After your discovery call, we will decide together what will be best for you. Here are the details of what you get:

  •  Six 60-minute coaching sessions

    Every two weeks, we will have a 60-minute coaching session via Skype. You will have a safe, nurturing, supportive, inspiring, and non-judgmental space to speak your truth and..well…share your shit. That’s how you rise, babe.

  • One 1-month follow-up session

    This session will be used after the conclusion of our bi-weekly sessions. The purpose of this session is to provide you with accountability that you need, while still giving you the confidence and motivation to rely on yourself to commit to your practice! Powerful.

  • Personalized guided meditation videos

    Meditation is a non-negotiable element of our work together. I carefully select the perfect meditations for you to practice that will support and sustain your lasting transformation of your emotional + behavioral patterns. I will film a personalized guided meditation video for you and you will get your own unique link, so you can practice with me every day. (Note: It will most likely be a Kundalini yoga meditation…because they work WONDERS!)

  • Unlimited email support

    On our journey together, you’re probably going to have questions, burning desires, and ah-ha moments you’ll want to share. As your coach, I want to be there for you every step of the way. That’s why you can email me any day, anytime. As a client, you also get high-priority email access, so I will answer your email within 24-48 hours of receiving it!

  • Soul sister care packages

    Okay, so I can’t tell you all about this because I want it to be a surprise for you. But let’s just say that amazing, beautiful gifts that perfectly compliment your journey may or may not show up at your door step. 😉

  • Exclusive membership to Dig Deeper, Fly Higer + a copy of Soul Sessions

    That’s right, gorgeous. When we work together, you’ll get membership to my online course Dig Deeper, Fly Higher (valued at $397) and a copy of Soul Sessions, the meditation for the modern day soul sister (that’s you!). These will perfectly compliment your journey with 1:1 coaching, and will be perfect for you to practice to keep yourself motivated an accountable when we finish coaching together. It’s important to me that you feel 100 percent supported not just in our work together, but beyond it too. So, these are my extra gifts to you. Practice them anytime, anywhere when you feel like you need a Divine transmission from your mentor. Knowing that I have my mentor available anytime in my ear buds is a total gift that I cherish, and I want to extend the same to you.

Client praise“My experience with Heather has been pivotal in my own spiritual journey”

Working with Heather is like hanging out and having the deepest, most soul-satiating chat with your best friend. Every single session was magical and took me on a beautiful soul journey. Her angelic nature, warmth and compassion literally radiate through the computer screen. My experience with Heather has been pivotal in my own spiritual journey and transformation. Words cannot express my love for this girl! – Kristi

How Do Our Sessions Work?

The structure of our sessions is simple. In the first session, you will spill your story and I will listen. There is so much power in having someone truly listen to you. It’s an art form and, lucky for you, I am a master at it. Massive, juicy, beautiful healing happens right here.

Each session begins with a healing meditation (typically Kundalini) to tune us in and each session ends with a tarot card reading to validate everything we discussed. (This is a big hit because every reading is so mind-blowingly accurate!)

Session by session, I will create a customized healing plan for you. It will be a gradual process, because small steps lead to big transformation. You will be given a meditation and between one and three extra pieces of soul work for the following two weeks. This will continue to build throughout our time together so, by the end of our last session, you will have a toolbox filled with spiritual tools that you can grab at a moment’s notice! The tools  are vast, deep, and beautiful. They are a culmination of what I have learned and implemented into my own life including (but not limited to): tools that I have personally created and mastered from my own practice, lessons from A Course in Miracles, chakra-centered work, energy protection and clearing tools, co-dependency healing work, perfectionsim healing work., and so much more

My hand is outstretched to you. Would you like to take it?

Click here to schedule your discovery call.